29 November 2008

On terrorism and cricket

I’m letting all loose… not mincing words, not even trying to be politically correct.

I write this in the wake of the Mumbai terror attacks of the twenty sixth and the twenty seventh of November, 2008.

I don’t even want to begin to imagine what the people who have lost their loved ones in these senseless acts of inhumanity feel. It is, in my opinion, not respectable to even try.

That’s not the point.

The point is that in the wake of such crap, the sons of bitches in the ECB have gone ahead and cancelled the next two ODI’s. I suddenly understand how the cricket loving public in Pakistan and Sri-Lanka feel.

Its not that the tour was particularly exciting from a cricketing point of view. England were getting their asses walloped. It wasn’t even competitive cricket. That’s feels like a strange thing to say as an Indian. But it’s the truth. England would have probably spent their time trying to “find their best eleven” and “figuring out their batting order” and “learning from every match” and other such crap. The only entertainment as a spectator came from watching a team that invented a game being so thoroughly outperformed.

But that’s not the point either.

The point is that in the wake of such crap, the sons of bitches in the ECB have gone ahead and cancelled the next two ODI’s!

What is wrong with these people?

Say there had just been a national catastrophe, a hurricane that had demolished Mumbai and that had left but just a few people alive. Would they have cancelled the ODI’s? No they wouldn’t, the last couple of matches would have been some sort of fucking “benefit” for the survivors.

And who is to gain from all this? Who else than the terrorists? And who loses from it? Who else than the cricket fan? The normal guy who goes about his job and spends hours by some television shop’s window, because he can’t afford a TV, to see if “Bharat jitegi ke nahin”

It is pertinent to point out, that terrorists have never actually targeted cricketers. Maybe they are fans, who knows? But the importance of that goes without saying. They have never targeted cricketers.

And what if they tried? A guy, playing a sport for his country for his country, got nailed for it. It is so much more honourable than a soldiers death isn’t it? In my book, it is.

Football players have a whole host of things to worry about. Pigs heads being chucked out onto the field, rioting mobs and whatnot. That doesn’t result in football players being let off. Their controlling bodies don’t say…, “no things are too dangerous, you shouldn’t be playing football in a country like that”.

What can I say? I really can’t say anything.

In a few weeks, most-likely days, Mumbai will be back to normalcy. People will go about their lives like they always do. They will fear like they always will… riding in a local and looking at a bag and thinking, “maybe that’s a bomb”. They have learned to live with it and they will deal with it.

Just like any poor fisherman on any stormy coast.

Just like the mug coming in at number ten who swings and misses when his team needs fifteen off the last over.

It is a testament to their courage.

Nothing that anybody can say or think or devise will take away from it.

The international cricketer from “safe” countries doesn’t seem to need it because he has a paranoid mother for a boss.

And this boss will say…, “no its too dangerous”, “player safety is our primary concern”...

Stupid idiots from Australia who have a hole in the ozone and their fucking melanin deficient skins to worry about…

And who loses out?

The cricket fan, white or black, blue or brown.

Just like always, whether it’s the light or the rain or Ricky Ponting’s befuddled brain.
I guess that’s the way cricket and life pans out…


Suave said...
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Soulberry said...

That's straight from the heart.

Yes, one appreciates support fromour global society at such times. However, I am not too fussed that England took itself out of the way. They could have stayed in safe security in a different part of this large country,but they would have been a distraction.

If they come back for the test matches I'd say they have expressed support.

One could argue that if the roles were reversed, India would have probably stayed put in their hotels under cover of security offered by that country and would have carried on with the tour if that country wanted, but not everybody is like that. I don't hold it against them that they left...I may hold it if they do not return.

And Australia...they wear yellow anyways.

Soulberry said...

In fact I feel this segment of the tour being called off and the T20 trophy later is a good thing at many levels.

Straight Point said...

yes...its straight from heart...

but i too feel that cricket is the last thing in the mind of common man now that we are fighting with it...its kinda distraction we don't want now...

i am rather more interested in how our gvt is gonna deal with this issue coz that will decide that these SoBs wont have to run from our country with hands covering their asses...

pervy said...

why are you so angsty about everything... haan bastard??

Damith S. said...

very passionate post,
however, i think the england guys got scared cuz they were targetting whities, specifically poms.

so it is natural for them to be scared and leave.

i mean wouldnt you be ?

its a sad state of affairs but you have to see it from the players pt of view also i guess.

also, i think a few yrs ago some of the champions league football matches were moved from turkey, i think, to a neutral venue cuz the grounds there were not safe.