10 March 2009


Though Australia have dominated this series, primarily through the ungainly efforts of Mr. Hughes, the South Africans have battled hard on the fourth day. As a result, the fifth day promises to be a humdinger, with all results still possible (assuming no bad weather), though ofcourse, a lot of people think that a South African victory is extremely improbable.

I for one, think otherwise. Based solely on the assumption that South Africa do not lose more than one wicket to the new ball (ideally none!), I see South Africa extremely well placed to level the series. If Kallis can hold up one end, the likes of AB, Boucher and JPD are more than capable of scoring at 4 an over for about 60 overs especially if it comes down to a 20-20 kind of scenario towards the end of the day, with Morket still hovering in the wings.

The bowlers are tired/injured. There is no spinner to talk off (Katich and North are not really going to trouble the sleep of too many batsmen). The pitch, while not completely reliable, has not demonstrated a propensity to fall into bed with the bowling side. Pride and confidence run high in this South African unit, while the Aussies are low on the latter (something that will get compunded if they fail to capitalize on the new ball). All in all, a target that was impossible till last evening (like the 400 + in Australia), is now fairly attainable.

My prediction - a three wicket win for South Africa!!


TM said...

My assumption has been destroyed. Most sadly, JPD is out as well. The series is now Australia's it looks like. It is a sad day in international cricket indeed.

John said...

"Its a sad day" said the communist/Jew/Muslim/anarchist
"Why sad?" asked the joker.
"Yeah why? Long live the Queen.", said the courtiers.