31 October 2009

The R word.

I am retiring from blogging on Island Express. I should have taken this decision several months ago. That would have saved it from the embarrassment of lying there wretched and un-updated, a Kapil Dev-like reminder of the benefits of early retirement.

The timing is always a tough one, aye? You keep thinking you have one more century in you, and you wait. And you wait.

At one time this blog was a feverish passion. Endless productive hours paid for by my employer were spent deciding the appropriate order of the blogroll. I also remember the several awesome hours spent assembling the montage up there, like a Chor Bazaar bike, from stolen cricket pics. But now, to lick the retirement cliche plate some more, let's throw in stuff like 'not giving 100%' etc.

I will continue writing my cricket drivel, but not here. Probably when a blue mist passes over the moon next, you can read what I write at Bored Cricket Crazy Indians.

As for this blog itself, I hope it stays here. And its future? That is now up to TM, Avinash, Sajith and Aj.