05 March 2008

Welcome to the PKFC

Which is not some strange kind of fried chicken with a tendency to support the five-five form of cricket.

The counters have been thrown open for membership to the Praveen Kumar Fans Club. You can register online, by singing praises for the-one-who-would-have-been-a-wrestler.
Honorary lifetime membership has already been given to Ian Chappel. That Praveen Koomah, he does swing it both ways.
Then there is shy Dhoni who believes Kumar is much more effective than the speed guns will tell you.
Me? To me, he is the new Dylan and Jason Bourne blended together. He's stoic, but not staid. Poetic, but not whiny. Swings it, bit not in a float-it-up-to-get-whacked sort of way, but in a I-will-sell-my-wife-to-get-your-wicket sort of way. Soul and spunk. If his batting also clicks, he can fill stadiums.


Sajith said...

I don't know if he will ever fill stadiums. To me, at best he can be an Irfan Pathan. To fill stadiums you need to be a Kapil Dev.
But, he has been real good in Australia. That I agree.

John said...

His batting is more Dev than Pathan. Been used as a slogger mostly. Occasional opener.

scorpicity said...

He nearly signed the ICL due to being frustrated on not being picked... it required some of the selectors to pacify him..."tera number aayega beta".

Soulberry said...

He's a good one, is Praveen Kumar. he'll progress.

The difference between him and JP Yadav (remember him?) is that he has been exposed at the right time...hence his future development willl be better than JP's with the better resources available now.