26 March 2008

When did he learn how to do that?

From what I remember of Neil McKenzie's previous avtar, he used to be quite uncomfortable against spin, particularly that of Anil Kumble. In a few ODIs, at least, the only weapon he had against Kumble was the sweep. It may have worked on occasion, but mostly it was hardly promising. Today though, he showed he wanted to move deep into the crease or move forward and play the ball late as well. This innings will build on what is looking more and more like a spectacular comeback into the ranks. India have more than a job on their hands if more of the South Africans are going to be similarly surprise against spin.

Te pitch was flat, and the RP Singh and Sreesanth tried too many things. Still, very good batting.


Ottayan said...

The SA have done their homework.
The pitch didn't surprise me. Ater the incessant rains, I know they had no time to prepare it.

Anonymous said...


John said...

Is that you, Ashish? Clearly, you ve not been spanked in a while. And Laxman does not "suck". Gods don't "suck"

Straight Point said...

how i wish if yuvi take clue??