28 October 2006

Time for a Restinder

Sehwag needs a rest. To put it bluntly, he needs to be dumped from the team. I know, I know. He is more than capable of making me eat my words in the very next match at Mohali - such is his talent. But the way he has been going about things gives him a thoroughly unprofessional look. And no matter how talented someone is, if he is unprofessional, he does not deserve to play for the country. It is an honour to be in the Indian team - an even bigger one to be its vice captain. The work put in must reflect the honour and pride that he feels.

First, how can he keep getting out to the same delivery? The one that swings or cuts in off a good length either gets him bowled or lbw. In fact if enough of these are bowled at him, chances are that he will get out sooner rather than later. This is a serious technical flaw, and to sweep it under the carpet by saying, "o, thats just the way he plays", is to undermine the serious impact that Sehwag can make to the score if he clicks. And he happens to be in a team that contains two of the best batsment of al time, and coached by another. Between Tendulkar, Dravid and Chappel, there isn't much about batting that is unknown. So is there an unwillingness to learn? Becasue it is hard to believe that someone with Sehwag's experience of international cricket can't sort out a chink in the armour.

Clearly, a message has to be sent - to rattle him out of his complacent cocoon. He cannot take his place for granted. And if Chappel as coach is unable to express his anger and frustration; perhaps the selectors need to step in.