27 May 2007

Zak's back? Or another false dawn?

Zaheer has nailed a five-for. And four of them were top quality wickets from the top and middle order - two leg before's, one bowled and one caught behind. The fifth, Rafique, experienced and doughty, was out bowled as well. Prior to the WC, Zaheer's comeback performance in South Africa was an exhibition in left-arm swing bowling. After not having lived up to expectations in the Caribbean, and some unexceptional bowling in the one-day series in Bangladesh, this is a revival of sorts - a comeback within a comeback? Hopefully, his good run of form will continue, into England where he will be invaluable against Cook and Strauss.

Also read some criticism of Tendulkar's trudging, workmanlike hundred that followed Jaffer, Kaartick and Dravid.

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