07 June 2007

It'll have to be Ford, won't it?

A flawed selection process has ensured that the Indian team will most likely be coached by Ford. Actually flawed doesn't even begin to describe it. Try stupid, maybe archaic. To begin with, no one has any clue who wants the job. So instead of evaluating the merits of candidates, we went through a ridiculous foreigner versus Indian debate: something that our economic policy started discarding fifteen years back. And then there were random names picked out of a hat - John Emburey, Ranatunga: and no one, least of all the BCCI had any idea about their availability. In the same meeting, the former frontrunner Whatmore was discarded and the public still has no idea why - except rumours of how Gavaskar believes he lacked tactical acumen.
Anyway, the good thing is at least now we know there are two candidates for the job. The value of "player's opinion" though, means that its a one-horse race.