30 July 2007

Third day of the second Test

It was the best batting that Ganguly and Tendulkar had shown in years. In fact, to look for the last time that Ganguly played a knock of such beauty, not to mention value, we'd have to go way back to 2003 and the Gabba. Something similar could be said of Sachin too. And the amazing part was that, Ganguly, Sachin and Laxman scored runs against some very good bowling - particularly from Sidebottom and Tremlett. True, Anderson was off his radar and probably Panesar too, but Sachin had to bat out of his skin to survive Sidebottom before he could take out some tools from the cupboard of memories. Pleasure to watch.

What was painful to watch was Sree Santh's bowling. Needless to say, it was a humiliating loss of rhythm. The manner in which he comes back to bowl today morning will tell us a lot more about this National Breakdancing Champ.