10 August 2007

Glaring errors

Howell's howler could yet be a significant point of this Test match. There was a thick (yo edge so thick, that.... ) edge on to the pad, and given out leg before. So what can we do about such umpiring errors that are so bad, that significant numbers of viewers on TV could see that it was wrong, without the benefit of a replay.
Ian Chappell made a sensible suggestion on air yesterday, that cricket move to a back-foot no-ball rule so that the umpire has more time to look at the batsman.

Taking the argument a little further, why are the on-field umpires being bothered with line calls any more? Where a determination needs to be made about whether someone's foot was inside or outside the line, why are we still relying on the naked eye, when the alternative is faster and less error prone? And one would think the umpires would only be happy to not bother with those irksome no-balls, and stumpings and run-outs. A system of appeals from the on-field umpire to the third umpire just takes too long. Instead, divest the umpires of all discretion in these dismissals.The third-umpire makes the decision as soon as the fielder's appeal for a run out or a stumping, or as soon as the bowler oversteps.

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