30 December 2008

Skinhead massacares eleven Australians

Earlier in April, Steyn came to India and had its premier batsman on their knees, a right "racecar in the red". Doing that in India to Indian batsmen was just the latest in a scorching career. Now he has just put to rest any thoughts of him being just one of "three or four very good fast-bowlers in international cricket today".

Apart from letting it slip that he was the best, he scored a few valuable runs as well. If you get past the neo-Nazi looks, you might like him.


Gaurav Sethi said...

straight out of schindler's list, the ss officer played by ralph fiennes who said "This is very cruel, Oskar. You're giving them hope. You shouldn't do that. That's cruel!"

Damith S. said...

the neo-nazi look seems to be favored by many players these days.

i hate it cuz i know i cant pull it off.