11 February 2009

A 'class' act disappears?

Rohit Sharma, the supposedly talented right hand batsman, captured the imagination of millions with his performances in the World T20 and the CB Series in Australia. Some people on this blog sang his praises and heralded the coming of the next great right handed Indian batsmen, who had rightfully claimed his place in the pantheon of Indian batting gods.

Today, despite the confidence that Dhoni continues to show in him, Rohit does not command his place in either the one day or T20 teams, leave aside the test arena. Like Dravid, who the test team continues to carry through his slump, Rohit continues to be carried by the might of the Indian batting order, with even Ravinder Jadeja and Yusuf outdoing him consistently. While his fans will continue to argue that it is nothing more than a loss of form (and his class will eventually prevail etc.), in keeping with what I have said earlier on this blog, after yet another dismal performance last night, I am forced to reiterate that he does not belong in the international arena. He lacks the full range of stroke making that is essential at this level, as also the power that someone like Yuvraj or Yusuf weild with nonchalence. Add to this his inability to dominate spin or even rotate strike and you have the pull package of all that a one day team does not need. His fielding, while continuin to remain steady, has shown no flashes of brilliance - some may argue that even the intensity of his fielding has dropped.

While I am all for investing in talent and leeting it find its feet in international cricket, lets remember that the cost is a career for Venugopal, Badrinath, Pujara and other talented youngsters that continue to line up behind him. How long does India carry him? John??


John said...

This is a post full of lies or holes.

1. Full range of strokes??? I'd say Rohit has as good a range as Ganguly, Stephen Fleming, Michael Atherton, Gary Kirsten and Alan Border - all of them members of the Top 50 runscorers of all time.

2. Jadeja outbatting him consistently? Jadeja has played one ODI and one T20. The word "consistently" has never before been used in a context that is wronger.

3. Confidence that Dhoni continues to show in him? Then why does he keep batting him at 4 down? Below himself, sometimes even below Yusuf. I say Dhoni has treated him unjustly.

4. Inability to run singles? Really? I think his ability to works the ball into gaps is second only to Dhoni.

5. Power? Ya, not everyone has power. Michael Clarke does not, Hussey does not, but they're both good innings-builders, like Rohit is. And this Indian team, with a surfeit of hitters, needs its share of innings builders too. Dhoni and Gambhir notwithstanding.

He has become fat and perhaps unfit. He has also shown through his performances against the Aussies in the four-day game that he belongs at the international stage.

TM said...

John, the post is accurate- the comment is unfounded:

1. In comparison to the rest of the Indian team, he has a very limited range of shots - nowhere close to Ganguly's, though I will admit, that much like Ganguly, he is incapable of consistently playing the short ball;

2. An unfortunate choice of words - to expand on that thought, other people that are coming into the side are batting better than him. Irfan's return yesterday being a case in point.

3. He bats him that far down for two reasons - there are several batsmen better than him and secondly becuase the last thing you need is 20 for 2 becoming 30 for 3 after he has eaten another 5 overs! When I said that he demonstrates confidence in Rohit, I meant by the very fact of playing him!

4 His ability to find gaps he has demonstrated ably in the ODI's and the T20 yesterday. Getting singles in 100 yeard grounds in Australia is easy - getting them here is not.

5. Michael Hussey has immense power, often evident in the cover drives, the straight hits and the cross batted swipes over mid wicket. Michael Clarke is an innings builder- but he plays spin well and can work the singles every inning he plays!! Rohit should try and imbibe atleast one of the two skills that those two immensely talented batsmen possess.

Fat, unfit and hairy no doubt!! Atleast, we agree on something about him

Anonymous said...

tarun is like a little hyena.. waiting for 2 years for a bad performance from Rohit Sharma to write something about what he "predicted"..

Anonymous said...

Venugopal, Badrinath, Pujara and other "talented youngsters" that continue to line up behind him... could you please elaborate on this tarun??? on what basis did u declare these youngsters to be talented enough to replace rohit sharma

John said...

also, venugopal and badrinath are not "youngsters".
pujara is a stud.

Som said...

Whatever I saw, Rohit looks like a compact player with no particular weakness. And I'm sick of this short ball stuff, trust me nobody likes it, not even Tendulkar. For me it doesn't matter if you are ill at ease against the short pitched stuff and still score consistently. Why the fuss?
At the same time, Rohit has not been able to cement his place. And if Dhoni has treated him unfairly, Rohit's indifferent form has not helped his cause either. I mean MSD surely can't send him ahead just because he is supposedly the next best thing in Mumbai after Tendulkar. I have seen Rohit slam a century against the full-strength Oz team in Hyderabad and he was a viewers' delight. But he has to maintain the tempo.

Anonymous said...

australia would kill for a young player like Sharma right now

he has an incredible gift of timing the ball, plays straight, backs himself and doesnt fish outside off.

he's a genuine top order batsman competing with an incredible array of top order batsman for a place.

i have no doubt he has more than enough talent to succeed.

Khare said...

Rohit Sharma is a classical batsman with a good technique who has shown he is a fluent hitter. lack of success in situations where there are thirty balls to play do not constitute failure. If anything, he has not got enough oppurtunities to play any decent innings in a long time (and one can argue why Raina is favoured for the number three spot over him).

Although in defence of Tarun, other than the one who is playing for India, "batsmen" called Rohit Sharma are extremely inept.

Anonymous said...

pervy, the question should be in what way are Venu and Badri youngsters :-). Both older than Rohit.
Rohit is an opinion divider. On one hand, that seductive, lazy elegance. On other hand, the mediocre results. Note, mediocre, not bad. But then thats what we said of Laxman before 281, and infact, even after 281. I just hope Rohit breaks through that once and then the floodgates dont stop. For now, however, let him go back to Domestic.
Pujara for NZ sounds right to me. Badri doesnt have the technique & tools to succeed in NZ. While possessing the natural Indian diffidence against swing and seam, he doesnt have Yuvraj's powerplay or Viru's eye or Gautam's resillience which may carry them through in NZ. I am getting the counter intutive feeling that it is Yuvraj who will be succesful in NZ, even though that runs much against available evidence. Partly because this guy is all about rhythm, and if his rhythm comes through, nothing else matters. Viru might have the failure series that he is due for a long time, could be this NZ tour that stagnates him.

Anyone betting on this being Laxman's(not Rahul's) last series? I always felt that though Rahul is hanging, it is Lax who will be off after one bad series.

Gaurav Sethi said...

John, Be grt, really, if you could change BCC! on yr BLOGROLL to www.boredcricketcrazyindians.com
yawns, nc

John said...

Hey Raj. Long time.

It can't be Laxman's last series. Cheeka has the vision to see the 40000 feet view and realizes quite clearly that he needs one of Rahul or VVS to hang on to a middle order spot for at least another couple of years. The fact that we are having this discussion on Rohit Sharma, an untested Pujara coming in soon, a Raina (who, like Yuvi as you mention, is such a rhythm player), a superfluous opener in M Vijay, all mean that the neither Dravid nor Laxman are feeling the heat in the pants that the media and a many of us is convinced, exists. Not so soon.

John said...

All yours, Gaurav.

Anonymous said...

John, not sure if I am the same Raj you are addressing. This was my first comment here.
Anyway, my thoughts are more on the line of both Dravid and Laxman are just one bad series away from retirement. The media/vested interests/sponsors all will be itchign to get the cola-advert kids into the test teams so their investment in these kids can be recouped. They will keep quiet until the first bad series Lax/Rahul have. Then, they will swoop down. And they dont have the charisma that Dada/Sachin had. So, even their IPL teams dont have use for them.

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