07 July 2011

Stupid Rain

Its raining all over the place in India as the Monsoons set in.

It rained in Bridgetown. When it didn't, it rained in Kathmandu where I found myself for the second test. Ten cricket doesn't work in the rain in Kathmandu.

Its raining in Roseau.

It was raining in Nottingham. It could have kept raining in Nottingham and washed away a silly one sided ODI. Everyone would have been the happier for it, not the least the English press who keep having to eat the thousands of words they generate each day, just to have to shit them out uncontrollably the next and eat them again in an endless cycle which never seems to end.

But no. It kept raining in Roseau.

1 comment:

Roby said...

It is not the rain that is stupid, but the people who sxhedule these matches and the people who pay for their tickets who are stupid, fully aware if the rain patterns. Once the poeple do not buy tickets , these stupid ( or wily???) boards will learn a lesson and schedule matches at the right time when play is possible.