04 October 2007

Bhajji the prude

Bhajji has complained about 'vulgar' Australians. That's surprising considering it doesn't take a trained lip-reader to figure that the Punjabi equivalent of 'sisterfucker' is always on his lips. Perhaps he could have been more specific. After all, common law has developed for centuries without adequate resolution of the problem of 'obscenity', and detail always helps.

For a minute there, he had me thinking of Priyaranjan Dasmunshi. Apparently our Hon'ble Minister for Information and Broadcasting stays up late at night to make sure no 'obscene' content is being broadcast.


Anonymous said...

Really! I must drop in on Indian cricket blogs to hear the inside gossip more often. Then I have some backchat everytime Indians come over all high and mighty about Australians. Mind you I'm not overly fond of the Australian male myself, but I'm not sure 'Bhajii', Sreenath and crew are in the slightest way preferable.

What ever happened to VVS.? I fell in love with Indian cricket when I saw Kumble and VVS. play, but I've seriously fallen out it with your current lot.

John said...

Hi Caro.

VVS will be back. Watch out, and so will the silent assassin. :)
Fitness permitting, both will be play all Test matches in Australia. Hopefully. About VVS, there is a post dated 28 September called "Very, Very, Strange!"

On another note, the Punjabi/Hindi expression 'bhenchod' is similar to the term 'sisterfucker', not only in meaning, but also in use. It could be used as a term of insult. At the same time, it can even be an expression of joy or frustration. Like fuck/motherfucker/sisterfucker, I don't think anyone has any clue what the more predominant use of 'bhenchod' is.

I must also say that I don't remember Bhajji using the term as an insult.

Jrod said...

Being an australian male im not a big fan of them either. But cricket isn't a game that should ever be played in silence.

John said...

True uncle J, but isn't there a line between gamesmanship and throwing tantrums? Sreesanth, has just placed himself in the Matt Prior-Ian Bell category of brats, if you ask me. And Clarke, I feel, isn't too far.

Anonymous said...

well, you might not find it offensive but I do. Reminds me of some years ago Darren Lehmann was fined for calling the Sri Lankans, black c...s. Everyone was very upset about the "black" bit, how rascist blah blah blah, but noone thought that the second expletive might be highly offensive. to us, women. Stick to your own sex, thanks, if you want to insult!

australians use the word 'bastard' as a term of affection, annoyance, frustration, etc. but it's highly offensive to the Brits. These things are culturally sensitive, it works more than one way, you know.

Not sure about that Bell and Clarke reference - never seen either of them throw tantrums.

John said...

Thanks, Caro. Must admit I never thought women might find the term "cunt" demeaning. But now I'm beginning to think you may have a point. I'm not sure Uncle J shares your sentiments, thats all. :)

About Bell and Clarke: Its not really about tantrums. In the India tour of England, a few Indian batsmen had a few problems with the constant "drivel" and "inane chatter" (both terms used by Ian Chappel)between Prior and Bell, even when the bowler was running up. Clarke, one gets the feeling watching a few matches, is part of the same club.
Such tactics are childish at best, and crooked at worst.

Soulberry said...

I dunno John, Harbhajan never "sisterfcked" the opposition. Whenever he did utter the B word, it was to himself in the outfield after taking a catch or running away into the arms of his mates after picking up a wicket. Never direct to an opposition player. So that's a mistake even Ricky Ponting made.

Bhajji isn't one to squeal and snithc either...he'll give as he gets in the spirit of the game. So if he did come out to the press, that too when he wouldn't want this kind of attention when his career is just getting back on track, there must have been something very stupid said by the Oz.

Please do remember that they are the masters of the art and the rest are amateurs...while Oz has perfected the art of appearing the victim after the initial provacation, the rest come across as dumb reactants.

Sure they are good at their game...very clean and Surfed...not sure if there isn't filth tucked away somewhere beneath the blaise press conferences.

Love many things Aussie, but I think this is jumping to conclusions by accepting one side of the story. Ricky Ponting and his men are no angels and not all they spout is harmless/funny sledgeing.

Whatever...we've had an overdose of the tripe from both sides and it's time to play the game...which the Oz are doing as they speak. India needs to do that too or they'll be left with words and nothing much else.

John said...

Just copy this link on to your browser.


The blog isn't alive, but I somehow ran into this post about Bhajji. And it explains why I'm a little perplexed about Bhajji running to the media.

Anyway, he bowled reasonably well today, especially at Ponting. Wickets aren't too far away.

Anonymous said...


I've never before heard your view of Aussies perfecting the art of appearing to be the victims of sledging! Not the view held here or in Britain. They quite openly admit to being master sledgers. In fact, i thought it was everyone else that was always pretending to be pure as snow, and that we were taking unfair advantage of of all you defenceless innocents! Especially the courteous and humble Indians!

I'm not sure who they are - I've never met a courteous Indian in my life and I live and work with plenty. Perhaps you are exception?

I've love many things about India - your cricket team used to be my favourite - but I have to say i personally have found your people to be really in-your-face nation. Perhaps it's because I'm a woman I don't get respect?

That's fine, it doesn't bother me. I just accept different cultures as being different and valuing different things. Perhaps you think you are courteous, but perhaps other nations don't find you to be so. I'm quite sure that cricketers of all nations can be rude, just as there are many who aren't.

Our media never presents our team as playing innocents, not does the British media. Nor have I ever heard Ponting say his team are "victims" of sledging - pretending to be victims is not something Aussies aspire to, or pretend to. Perhaps your media paints a different picture. Pointing may be many things, and you may see him as you wish, but by our standards, he's dead honest.

Soulberry said...

John, thanks for the link.

What Bhajji must have said cannot be the the B and M word. Doesn't fit in with the translation suggested either. But I cannot know...

I was referring to what we have seen on TV over the years. He does have a word or two with the opposition but I don't think he abuses personal relationships of players...he may say something about the opponents game.

Then the B and M word he used were directed at himself...his mother and his sister rather than Warney.

He uses filthy language on TV, sure...I mentioned that...but in the outfield if you all had noticed when among his teammates.

Caro...I'm sorry you had a sorry experience with India. I cannot guarantee a better experience but please do find time to visit India sometime if possible.

And by the way, it is just one of the many conundrums India is that women can be goddesses, prime ministers, spacewomen, nobel prize winners and yet be an anonymous housewife. I don't know many countries that have had women active in social life and political shperes as much as India...curiously, it is these "regressive" socities (by implication) that have also projected their womenfolk into the stratosphere without a glass ceiling to hold them in.

India is a learning experience and asks many searching questions of one.

Australia and many Australian players continue to be one of my favorites by the way. I hope to travel there sometime if I can spare and save that much of money. MCG will have to be first on my touring list and preferably an Ashes test for the best ambience.

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Anonymous said...

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