27 October 2007


Does Karthik know he's been dropped for the first two ODIs against Pak? He's piling on the runs, on the back of a good foundation built by Sehwag, Raina and Yadav. Fifty coming from 37 balls, Blues look set for a gigantic total.

Poor KDK. Won't do his confidence any good before he walks in to open the batting in Oz.


Soulberry said...

If the Pakistan series goes Sehwag's or Gambhir's way...DK could be watching hard the selections prior to the Oz tour.

It appears they knew because the commentators were mentioning selections as the camera panned on a Sehwag who had just gotten out. DK wasn't batting yet then I think.

Anonymous said...

Can't they wait until the end of the tournament, before announcing the team.

The truth is they had already decided on the team and choose to make it public yesterday.

Soulberry said...

The statement after.

Good jolt for the boy and he has responded well...now he just has to tighten up his fielding.

The way things are one cannot take for granted one's position in the team unless one is a Sachin. So, when the going's good, players need to make sure they are as long a streak as they can make it and make each point on it really worthwhile.