16 November 2007

Zaheer versus

Zaheer Khan's recent record of early eickets against left-arm opening batsmen in Test cricket is heartening.

Grame Smith fell in the third over of the first innings at Durban.
Shahriar Nafees fell in the third over of the first innings at Chittagong.
Andrew Strauss kept falling. Third over of the first innings' at Lords as well as Trentbridge, the eleventh over of the second innings at Lords and in the fifth over of the first innings at the Oval.
Alastair Cook fell in the thirteenth over of the second innings at Lords.

And lining up to face Zaheer over the coming weeks are Salman Butt, Mathew Hayden and Phil Jacques. Having seen the Aussie openers handle Vaas with ease, and Hayden's continued domination over Zaheer, this battle will make for interesting viewing.


Jrod said...

zaheer always loses the plot in battles with hayden.

John said...

Zaheer Khan is now, finally, the leader of the pack in Tests, something that I thought he would never be able to manage. But he performed remarkably in England.

Viswanathan said...


I get the feeling that Zaks is falling apart again.

Anonymous said...

Zaheer is right up there as a spearhead in Tests, but I feel he should give a skip to every meaningless ODI. That consumes him up a bit.....

John said...

No Ottayan, I somehow have more faith in the new Zaheer. We can't judge him on the basis of a few one-day performances.
And Ashu, there is some merit to bowling day in and day out. Particularly for rhythm bowlers like Zaheer. In fact, a significant break is likely to lead to a loss of rhythm. Leading up to his comeback series in South Africa, Zaheer had bowled so so many overs in England.

Soulberry said...

Zaheer has been a changed bowler in test matches since he returned. He is more penetrative and is also bowling far more intelligently. Perhaps the variety he has added to his bowling helps.

Unless the intervening time has erased his freshness, should be a good contest.

If the Indian batting puts up scores consistently in test matches like last time, then we could have an interesting series. Not impossible.

Unknown said...

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