03 June 2008

Asif does a Bidappa

Damn, the Drugs and Cricket file keeps getting bigger and bigger. We will need a new office soon.

Asif decided to get caught in the right country, if he had to get caught at all, with drugs in the Middle East. Listen to Prasad Bidappa, fashion designer and model-hunter based in Bangalore, afte his fairly quick release:

"The first week there was harrowing for me in terms of uncertainty, but I made many friends. Shabaan, a Pakistani inmate, helped me get clean sheets and toiletries. The warden, an Iranian, and Ismail, a guard, told me not to worry. I prayed, read, worked out and got ready each morning. I got the inmates to exercise too"

I imagine Asif will be similarly popular. Also, PCB is supposed to have great relations with UAE chappies. D J Aqeel was netted in Dubai too, with ecstasy, I think. Not sure.


Viswanathan said...

Poor Asif, he was caught with nothing other than a medication given by a local hakeem.

John said...

Ott, when it comes to cricket and the subcontinent, you can be guaranteed there is a haze around proceedings - drugs or not.

Gaurav Sethi said...

asif will help them unlearn the art of swing bowling.

Q said...

DJ Aqeel, Dallas Austin, DJ Grooverider, Vijay Raaz - all these have been arrested in Dubai before for drug possession - ecstacy, coke, coke, and hash respectively.

Charges were filed against all, all 4 were sentenced to 4 year jail terms, all 4 were pardoned within 1st month.

Something similar will happen with Asif unless he was actually carrying what Ottayan says he was.

John said...

Thanks Q.

Samir Chopra said...

I would like cricketers to move on to more exciting drugs. When will we get a story like that of the baseball pitcher who threw a no-hitter on LSD?