24 June 2008

Significance of the Insignificant

So, yet another meaningless tournament arrives. There is a jaded disinterest as the Asia Cup kicks off in stormy Pakistan. With countless strifes and innumerable controversies adorning Pakistan cricket, the Asia Cup is just a mere sideshow.
However, atleast to this writer, the Asia Cup could answer a few questions
1) India : - Can the much vaunted youth brigade deliver on the big stage. As the Men In Blue seek to create the nucleus for World Cup 2011, the Asia Cup could answer whether we have the correct personnel for the big event. It could tell us whether Consistency and Sehwag can be used in the same sentence without an "in".
2) Sri Lanka : - Is there life after Jayasurya? Or more pertinently who will , get you the wickets and restrict the runs when Murali retires? Also, is Ajitha Mendis a magician in the making?
3) Bangladesh : - Are they finally ready to break into the big stage? They had a storming World Cup, but have done precious little since. In a way, they have had a delicious appetizer but the main course has been bland. But, some encouraging signs with an improved Ashraful suggest that there could be light at the end of the tunnel.
4) Pakistan : - For once, the question is not about Akthar or Asif. It is about Pakistan's ability to organize a big show. A trouble-free tournament could actually be the most important development for Pakistan cricket.
Maybe there is some significance to the insignificant


Q said...
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Q said...

Am I the only excited about the Asia Cup?

Why is it insignificant? why?

Its ODI cricket and it involves Pakistan and India!

Jrod said...

I'm rooting for Hong Kong.

Sajith said...

I am very much interested about the Asia Cup. Not, because of an over bloated sense of patriotism. The days when India and Pakistan raise the blood pressure are long gone. The two boards have seen to that.
But, I expect to see the future of the teams unfold during the course of this tournament. So, my interest is indeed awakened. Plus, Hong Kong seems to be raising a few eyebrows already.

Anonymous said...


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coming back to the blog, i think the cup is significant for UAE and HK,

but otherwise, i think this Asia cup and the one before that, Kitply cup, were just to help Pak and Bang cricket boards make a little money thru' these ODI series.

Anonymous said...

too much cricket... and hence the absolute boredom.. I must say the single biggest pro in the outcome of this tournament is what you highlighted on whether Pakistan can organize a trouble free tourno to prove to other sissy cricket nations on touring.