25 July 2008

Tame elephant

India's inability to capture wickets on placid tracks in recent times has only been matched by Pakistan. India has been more succesful on pitches that are more difficult for batting. There were great swathes of the Sri Lankan innings where the bowling looked just too docile. For how long will India continue to blame pitches where they only need to look West and South. Until a few years back, Pakistan was great at getting wickets on shirtfronts, and Murali has been pegging away for Sri Lanka in the most heartbreaking conditions. Ishant the Messiah has not blasted away everything in sight, and Kumble and Bhajji seem to increasingly depend on helpful conditions. Kumble will need to take a harder look at his bowling resources - perhaps even consider a third, or different spinning option for the next Test.


Gaurav Sethi said...

the new ball was wasted, waca were they thinking? and those drops, they kept jumbo from getn into the game - mahela gone @55, would have been a diff story. Instead everyone except their coach got a 100.

John said...

Gaurav, if you're referring to the overuse of the short ball, you may have a point, but it was constantly troubling them and may have been a good ploy if some of the mistimed pulls had gone out way..

Soulberry said...

It was a poor performance by India. Certainly not the same quality they have set out to play on their farewell tours thus far.

Lanka showed more sense and had two better bowlers than India had.

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