19 July 2008

Trust and the Dark Knight

Technology is very strange, sometimes simultaneously clarifying while obfuscating. Like the bump catch. The more cameras we get and the greater their resolution and speed, the more we realize the limitations in our understanding of the three-dimensional through the two-dimensional. Any referral of a dubious catch will always throw up an inconclusive verdict - certainly going in favour of the batsman.

This problem sounds very similar to the Heisenberg principle, though I'm sure it has nothing to do with it. (I'm assuming all of you went to high school)

Cricketers know this, umpires know this too, and so do administracrats - but the charade of taking it upstairs continues.

Taking the fielder's word for it is the only option we got now. Until of course, the ICC invests in the kind of sonar imaging that the Dark Knight invested in.


Anonymous said...

its no longer a gentleman's game....the money has spoiled it...our beloved...game...

John said...

UTP, I never knew the gentleman's game.