19 September 2008

Bhogle vomits

Harsha Bhogle has repeated the argument seen on blogs ever since the ICL rose - test cricket is like classical music, franchise cricket is pop - what the market wants - by demanding Tests, are we not forcing our opinions on the market, and if the market demands differently, won't it rebel??

"We can make it aware of the glory of classical music, continue to offer it, even give it a premium tag but we must be aware that in the end the consumer wins."


Question is: will we continue to have performers like MS Subbalakshmi who refresh and revolutionise classical music - sticking to that discipline despite the riches and fame that popular music offered.


Soulberry said...

MS..I have LP's of her! Preserved of course and CD's for daily use.

People will follow the games they want to follow. If I feel like classical, then I'd like to see a test match. If I feel like pop, maybe 50-50. If I feel like a ONS, maybe a late-night T20...I'd like to have access to all when I want them! Just do away with dull Septembers please...

Anonymous said...

A just question indeed. Ever since Bhogle joined Mumbai Indians, he's been "vomitting" as you rightly put it. :) He's lost my respect for whatever it is worth.

True, we may not see another Indian classical batsman for a long time. For all you know, they might come from UAE or Bangladesh next time. Ok that's stretching it a bit, but it is indeed sad.

Anonymous said...

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