17 September 2008

Kohli throws his hat in

Virat Kohli seemed competent in the just concluded ODI series. He did not cement his spot because he was filling in for Sehwag, but clearly Dhoni likes him, and so does Sehwag - so we will see a bit more of him in the one-dayers. And now, he has scored a valuable hundred (unbeaten on 167 at a strike rate of 77 as I write this) in the Mohammed Nissar Trophy against a more than competent attack.

Chopra's hundred was less significant because he is trying to break into an opening partnership that seems to have been sewn up between Sehwag and Gambhir, with Jaffer still in the mix somewhere. But Kohli wants a spot in the Test middle order. Kaif, Badri, Raina and Rohit (even Yuvi) are still ahead of him in the queue, but he will get another chance to perform in the Irani trophy to shout even louder.

By itself, this is a good reason to pay the selectors.


straight point said...

there still some time to go to move up the hierarchy...and if he does well...his time will come sooner than later...

though i would select chopra as backup opener...in squad...jst in case sehwag twist his ankle and gg his neck... :)

John said...

are you suggesting that viru and sehwag are up to something involving viru's leg and gg's neck?
ya, you're right, chopra could be a reserve opener, though i don't see how he has a better claim than jaffer.

Soulberry said...

He's working at the No.3 spot. Thus far he hasn't hurt himself, but like you say, he hasn't cemented it either. What he has done is made sure he is the first choice in a season or two.

I have been unable to take in the match between respective Indo-Pak domestic champs. I thought I'd have more time again as one progressed gradually to the other end of the available range of one's career...not so. You end up having to spend as much time as you were when 20-odd...only in a different manner. I recall how many times I felt (sometimes made it known) my bosses were floozing their time away :(

Soulberry said...

I hope Kohli isn't "converted" into an opener though...a good no.3(or even 4) he can be.

Chopra as back-up...or Sehwag-Chopra followed by Gambhir at 3 as suggested by Yenkayya sounds enticing...but wouldn't that be too many Delhi players even if they are meritorious? We live in pre-reserved times you know.

Anonymous said...

Definitely cashing in all right... jumped many places in the line... but still 'iska number aayega abhi nahi'