01 November 2008

About casting the first stone..

Apparently, I am a klutz. Hardly a week goes by without people commenting on my abilities at breaking expensive glasses and spilling food and drink on fancy carpets. One time, my friend's mother (in Bangalore) went to work somewhere in Africa and I practically moved in. A month and a half later, she returned to a house without cutlery. Not all of it was my handiwork. I did invite a few people home to take care of the remainder. Then there was the time that I finally moved into an apartment/house (people in Delhi will understand how dwelling areas aren't categorised easily, especially around Lajpat Nagar) and very soon, I realised the absolute pointlesness of buying breakable stuff. Carpets you ask? I was smarter than that.

Anyway, the point is this: I can't criticize the Indian fielding today... I have my moments where I have pulled off the spectacular catch, and completed a dream runout; but I can't remember the number of sitters I have spilt. So I will not spank the Indian fielding. Not today, not ever.

But if there is someone reading this who earnestly believes in their abilities as a safe fielder, then the floor is yours. I will stand by you while you spank, roast and waterboard them.


Anonymous said...

No waterboarding or rendition but it should be said that if India had taken their chances they would have very likely won this Test and therein the BG Trophy.

Where Australia had almost no chance they now can win in Nagpur if Ponting can call correctly at the toss.

I won't bag the Indian fielding but perhaps we could be saying in a week or so that they may have dropped the Border Gavaskar Trophy!

Gaurav Sethi said...

add "sons" to that nesta

straight point said...

i wont cast stones for they will turn it into milestones ! ;-)