10 November 2008

So long..

Oz-fatigue has kicked in. Like lovers, India and Oz spent the better part of two months titillating, rubbing, scratching, biting, gouging and slapping each other - before getting absolutely tired of each other. They will now wait a few years before meeting again - new perfumes, sexual techniques, new haircuts - all adding to the anticipation, not of winning over the other, but just to meet.

Meanwhile Ganguly, Dhoni, Kumble and Bob Dylan sit around a fire.

When we meet again
Introduced as friends
Please don't let on that you knew me when
I was hungry and it was your world.
Ah, you fake just like a woman, yes, you do
You make love just like a woman, yes, you do
Then you ache just like a woman
But you break just like a little girl.


Soulberry said...

They were more like separated giving it one more shot.

I'm going to miss Dada and Kumble's presence. But that doesn't mean one is looking back.

Will we again see such grand easy sixes hit off such a frail body? An exhibition of precision of position and timing?

And will we ever settle back with the confidence of an inevitable Indian victory just because Jumbo'd be bowling?

The fatigue is real but India gained some from this series while Australia found Krazy.


Damith S. said...

i think indias got the talent to replace the big names that are going out. They have got just about the right mixture of young and old.

i love how this post about sex. its not weird at all

straight point said...

i hope the rest zak as well as ishant for upcoming mindless ODIs...at least initial part of it...

Viswanathan said...

I am very much worried about the English.:)

Gaurav Sethi said...

got some mood gng there. and the dylan to round it off. just like a John.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will write a book :)

Damith S. said...

did you know ian chappelle is doing some exclusive show on his thoughts on the fab 4 on neo ?

ill see if i can get that for you.

ps- can you update the flyslip link to

thanks !