24 April 2009


The problem with taking a side, especially in cricket, is that sometimes the person you are so critical of plays a good knock and the wolves that have been circling around you, waiting for an opportunity to bite, suddenly see that moment come by.

Ofcourse, the topic is none other than the controversial Rohit Sharma - the man who we post about when nothing else happens on this blog. I missed the supposedly awesome inning that he played, I didnt read anything about it, I didnt even know that it had happened - for that matter, I am not even sure what IPL team he plays for. Yet, earlier today, I was informed in no uncertain terms that I should post something about him so here I go!

Well done Rohit for climbing the Himalaya sized challenge that is Bangalore!! That must have been pretty tough - did it make you call on every ounce of whatever talent you possess? 50 runs in one inning (as opposed to an entire series) - did you dream about it all night, go to Tirupati to thank the gods? But here's the thing - T20 is not really cricket - it is not the place to prove to the world that you can justify your talent. Even if it is a challenging form of 'bat-ball' in its own right - a single inning does not prove anything - it does not take away anything from criticisms that have been levelled at you. Do it in one-day cricket; even better do it in test cricket and I am a convert - shit, I forgot, you arent even on the fringes of the test team now, are you?

And I have money riding on other IPL teams, so I for one, pray that this was nothing more that a flash in the pan - a joke of the cricketing gods. We look forward to seeing the Rohit Sharma of the recent past for the rest of the tournament.



pervy said...

"it does not take away anything from the criticisms that have been levelled against you"????????????????????????

I like the use of the word "we" through the post.. as if the people holding your opinion were more than one

TM said...

Thank you - I thought it was a cute try too :-)

Khare said...

wow i have never seen so much hatred for a guy on the fringes of the side and completely out of the spotlight... why has he aroused your ire so?

TM said...

I dont know - it started and then it became fun when Perv took a side. And now I just cant seem to help myself :-)