02 April 2009

Sehwag ki captiancy!

But why all the indignation over Sehwag's captaincy, man? Do people actually believe that Sehwag, because of the way he plays, lacks the authority to chastise teammates? Have I interpreted your sole argument correctly, you infidels?


bored cricket crazy indians said...

spot on john

Ankit Poddar said...

infidels! lol, john that reminds me of this jeff dunham show with achmed the dead terrorist! check it on youtube, if you can, it is hilarious!

and on the captaincy issue, spot on!

The Reaper said...

This is Rubbish!

Amy said...

Who is this mysterious Reaper?

The Reaper said...

Down with cricket, down with Amy! Ryan Sidebottom is too tall!

Amy said...

Reaper, you are my favourite person in the world.

The Reaper said...

Up with Amy! Down with cricket and Ryan is still too tall!

Unknown said...

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