18 May 2009

Its Fixed!

Let me again express the thought that I expressed sometime ago on this blog - taking a side is obviously a dangerous thing for it exposes you to immense criticism and personal attack when someone who disagrees with you gets an opportunity. We are ofcourse talking about Rohit Sharma (the 'cricketer' on the one hand and the legal luminary on the other).

Disclaimer first - I did not want to write this post, I was asked to (and I am rushed).

On Saturday evening, I once again found my faith, for a mircale transpired. The 'talented Mr. Sharma' was able to despatch the brawn of bangladesh for 26 runs in the last over of yet another pulsating encounter (are these games fixed or what?). Mortaza who had bowled only yorkers in the previous overs was able to bowl only knee high full tosses or short balls (again, are these games fixed or what - there must have been pretty long odds on DC getting those runs). I was forced to face uncomfortable facts - of his talent, his fitness, his calmness under pressure and his right to play at this level.

Then he dug the dagger in deeper - against Punjab, he almost did it again!! Fortunately, in that one ball on which we went for the most ungainly slog that a top order batsmen can play, he gave me some reasons for why the first instance was nothing but a miracle. Here they are:

1. They needed 4 of 4 - the slog was totally unnecessary - not so calm after all.
2. I have never seen an international cricketer struggle for breath like he was yesterday. Was 2 back to back games (still less than a ODI) too much for the MAN??
3. The odds on him getting 4 of 4 must have been pretty good and therefore against him getting those runs pretty bad. Interesting that.

On the other hand credit where its due. He did hit full tosses out of the park - couldnt have been that simple!


Khare said...

Brilliant defense of your ideology. Dug deep and came up with something to criticize rohit about. Another point for the anti rohit sharma perspective.

TM said...

We have to stop talking about Rohit Sharma - bahut ho gaya

Q said...

Its all fixed!

TM said...

Thanks Q! Somone who bets often was recently telling me that the betting market FOR EACH MATCH is Rs. 500,00,00,000!!! 1% or even 0.1% per player would be quite a lot of money each dont you think?

Help me with the Lahore court's order. Posted on it - what does it mean?

Q said...

Wow! Thats a big amount.

I heard something like this during the WC07 with someone suggesting that had Pakistan and India won on the same day against Ireland and Bang, the betting market wud have collapsed having to make payments of Rs20 billion!

Will come back on the Lahore Court order.. have to continue our previous discussions as well. Have been keeping it light for a few days :-)

Gaurav Sethi said...

either fixed or plain stupid.

with some guys you don't have to fix, just the other day powar didn't bowl a single ball in the game. and yeah he was playing. absolutely fed up, he mock bowled a throw from the boundary. it turned in sharply from outside off. yet ys didn't call him to bowl.

TM said...

Maybe he lost sight of Powar (if such a thing is possible) while taking his second hat trick in the tournament!!

We can drop our bowlers - we do ofocurse have Yuvraj, Rohit and Suresh to do the bowling and the batting for us.

Unknown said...

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