24 May 2009

Small gloat

Yes, I called one half of the IPL final right, and I was one step away from calling both. So here's showing the finger to the rest of Bored .


Do join us for a Bored Quickie during the IPL finals.
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Q said...

I called both halves correctly :-)

See u on LIVE..

scorpicity said...

I called for BRC way before they qualified and failed in the last stage. Damm that bookie that didn't inform me :).

Even before the BRC's innings started, I called among a few friends that Uthappa will be the one that finishes it for them and it did come to him in the end.

That nut ruined everything by preferring to do a break dance routine down the pitch, rather than clobbering the ball with all his might.

Anyway, it is fun to bet empty-handedly with a few B's.