29 March 2007

Dasmunsis against depravity

Apparently FTV broadcasts material "that are against good taste and decency, denigrate women and are likely to adversely affect public morality."
Good taste?
But what about the creative heights achieved by the fashion industry? I mean, for all you know Priyaranjan Dasmunshi might think Picasso is trash. Does that mean he should be allowed to weild his big stick?

Adversely affect public morality?
Hmm.. Got to admit that nobody really has been able to present a succesful general rebuttal to this argument. Unsuccesful because the idiots who control the obscenity law and its variants have never been able to answer how one person (or one committee for that matter) can speak for the 'public' and determine its 'morality'.

I swear I never watch FTV. Its aload of trash. But that's no reason for taking it off air.

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