27 March 2007

Stupid panelists who answer stupid questions

Kris Srikkanth, Waqar Younis, Ajay Jadeja and Sidhu are part of an increasing army of 'experts' who have been asked, "Should Sachin Tendulkar become captain of India again?"

Of all the stupid knee-jerk reactions that our media (and our vast never-ending resource of armchair-critics-who-think-they-should-be-fielding-at-point) could have come up with, this 'pertinent' question deserves the greatest trophy.

On the one hand, there a few sensible panelists and actual experts (with ISI mark - no, not Javed Miandad, ha ha) who want the right questions to be asked after the exit from the World cup. On the other, there is an all pervasive inability to raise the right issues. It seems most of India would rather believe in hype without exercising any grey cells, and without getting their flannels dirty.

The captaincy was quite obviously not the primary reason. But in a few more days, the calls for Dravid's head would have become so shrill, nobody would have any option.

"Obviously, Sachin should be captain!" - K Srikkanth, Member, World Champion Indian Team, 1983.

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