31 March 2007

Kumble and Inzamam

Two giants complained their way out of the ODI circus. Kumble, much like his bowling was quite subtle, talking about how it hurt when 'people took me for granted'. Inzamam unlike his recent batting, was in quite a bit of a hurry to get the message out: He was dissappointed with everyone - the media, the Pakistani public, the Board, his players - all came in for some stick.

Both deserved to leave ODIs happier. After all, both have given us so much happiness.

Blasted New Zealand out of World Cup '92 from a near hopeless situation - Become one of Kumble's ten wickets at Kotla;
Conduct six-for demolition in the Hero Cup final
Perform "gentle-bearded-giant-on-burning-deck" drama for the nth time
Walk out with a broken jaw to bowl at Lara and win India a one-dayer against the Aussies, with the bat, in front of his home-crowd.
The lazy spark in Inzy's on-drives, lifting all his bulk from the ground to gratefully accept catches at slip, wading into a Toronto cricket crowd weilding his bat like a baton.
Bowl for fifteen years to ensure that India were at least "tigers at home" for a decade.

Not too long now, folks, before they leave Test cricket too. Hopefully India and Pakistan will be able to give them the kind of goodbyes that the Aussies were able to give Warne-McGrath-Langer-Martin.

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