08 February 2008

Hey, new guy!!

Through a career dogged by injury, a bad sense of fashion and what can best be described as "weight issues", TM was a competetive bastard.

In a world of sports psychiatry and video-analysis, this number four bat was a whiff of fresh air - or should I say stale tobacco?

He captained a University team to a few famous victories and was not too deterred by all those demoralizing losses. Even when he had to keep wickets, he refused to let his weight go below a 120 kilos.

His bowling was slow and the kindest thing you could say about it was "intelligent".

He is bigger than you, but can move faster than you. One of the best slip catchers, he is combative and occasionally works for a huge law firm.

Island Express presents TM.


Anonymous said...

John... who is this dude you are talking about LOL... the bermuda guys with a triangle in his stomach?

Soulberry said...

Curious John.

Soulberry said...

Stale baccy...?

John said...

Ha ha.. TM did captain our university team, despite the considerable bulk, somnambulistic attitude and a heavy tobacco habit.

Anonymous said...

same guy who played every sport regularly while in college except basketball, which he also managed to pick up in later years inspite of small bengali distractions to his time?:)..

quite a guy..

Soulberry said...

That sounds like our typical club cricketer! Welcome to the mad mad world of Indian cricket bloggers TM! :)

Why only Indian...it's a mad world of cricket bloggers all around.

With cricket going league, you can bet your last paisa that writing about it will also go up. So exciting times ahead for us too...eat cricket, sleep cricket, watch cricket, write cricket, read cricket. I'm looking forward to the explosion round the corner...

John, you, CG, Ott are guys who could pen books out of your blogs man!

Looking foward to more of TM.