09 February 2008

Just glanced at the scorecard and I do not beleive even India is capable of four run outs. Collingwood, Shah, Swann and Broad showed how England is capable of being more rubbish than rubbish. On its day, England can be the worst ODI team in the business.

Of course, so can Pakistan and India, I hear you say? But Pakistan and India can turn up the next day and play the best breed of cricket in the world. England can't.


Soulberry said...

Agreed...England is a one-way traffic.

Kiwis begin from a point A where they are no-hopers, build up to a point B where they appear as all-conquerers and ultimately finish off at point A again where they are a one big let down. Then they move to the next series or tournament and begin all over again.

England begins from point B go through quickly to A and finish off with something rising towards a futile B.

So Kiwis always begin a series as no hopers and England always as possible world champs.

John said...

Egjackly, Soulberry.