01 February 2008

Like a pack of wild dogs

Aussies were just awesome in their bloodthirst. I love T20 cricket, I think, because even this steamroll had me watching.

India, on the other hand, were stunned. Like deer caught in the headlights type thing. Sharma, Uthappa, Gambhir, Sree have never played in Oz before and it showed, but Shaken not Stirred Dhoni was a spectacular disappointment.

Clarke's field for Ishant Sharma when he walked in said it all.


Anonymous said...

clinical is the word and this must have hurt. the scorecard was a scream. look like a numbers game, don't they?

as i keep telling myself, maybe the one-days will be better.

and they've really decided on not liking harbhajan, haven't they?:)..

Soulberry said...

I caught the snippets version of the T20. Clinical stuff and yes, that field for Ishant Sharma was a typical photo-op for the records.

Australia has an eye for the photostatement...they do it all first...they are shutterbugs at heart!