14 October 2008

Kat the itch

Soulberry was one of the few to readily agree with my association of Simon Katich with Luca Brasi. One of the king-nerds was adamant that Luca was the Don's trump card, and hence could certainly not be Simon Katich the Krab and journeyman.

Whatever. Luca got down and dirty.

And Katich did a fair bit of that in both innings. In the first, his assuredness against Ishant, Zaheer and then spin as well seemed to ease Ponting's nerves. And there was more of that in the second innings as well, his nervous demeanour cloaking some serious zen. This is also where Hayden's reputation is a weapon. He draws all the fire towards himself, leaving Katich to quietly go about his run-krabbing.

Where's that piano wire?


Unknown said...

I'm really glad that Katich has been given the opening slot ahead of Jaques who averaged a mere 47.47.

It's actually a good if not un-Australian thing to have a batsman to play the Dravid role - a role of occupation without worrying about the details such as scoring runs or rotating the strike.

Fancy a link swap to Beer and Sport?

Damith S. said...

Krabby did do a very good job under some pressure with Jaques breathing down his neck. He secured his place for at least this series.

I think a 100 is around the corner.

John said...

Sure Mosey. It's done.
I guess as the series started off, Katich was ahead of Jaques because of his experience in India and a good performance in the Caribbean. But after his modest (yet thoroughly useful) performances in the first Test, I guess the distance has increased considerably.
Don't know if a Katich hundred, batting like he did in the first Test, is a brilliant outcome for the Aussies. They'd much rather have a Hayden hundred.

Soulberry said...

Marv too is looking rather beat up.

And I completely disagree with Ponting's caricature...you have to factor in the effect ishant has on him these days! Observe his body language when facing up to ishant...isn't it a bit like Buddy Cole?


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