07 October 2008

The Long Ganguly Goodbye - Part I

I doubt any public figure elicits the extremes of opinion that Ganguly does. Very often from the same person. For instance, Ganguly is the person I'd curse loudest and longest when he would get caught off a snorter at second slip. The same might have been Dravid's or Tendulkar's fate as well, but I'd always be more reserved in my condemnation. At the same time, which other ill-built sportsman can take off his shirt on the world-stage, and still not embarass his countrymen?

For someone who we all loved to scream motherchod at the drop of a hat, he inspired the kind of loyalty in his teammates and from fans that could not be explained. People who might have alleged all sorts of sexual relationships between him and his family, would resort to all manner of convoluted logic to defend his spot in the team and his captaincy.

During this series, the Long Ganguly Goodbye will try and understand this phenomenon.


Damith S. said...

Im one of them. See Im not a fan of him, but I appreciate what he did for India and how he led them and how he got up the Aussie noses.

Another loss for India.

Soulberry said...

John, did you hear Lalchand Rajput yesterday on Times Now. He explained the reasons for the same....I meant the dichotomy of perceptions and sentiments.

As you say, yes, the m word did come out more for Gangs than for others.

Viswanathan said...


On the money. He elicited extreme responses.

In one way I am glad he did not die a slow death.

John said...

Thanks Damith.. I guess he was sort of a Nehru figure for a lot of people. You may not adore him, might even hate him, but you respect his immense contribution.

Soulberry, I caught a bit of that while channel-surfing. Didnt catch the whole drift, I was in danger of falling asleep with food in my mouth. Could you explain what he said?

Ott. Cheers to that.

Q said...

Extreme responses was what one had for Ganguly no matter what.

I wish he scores ton after ton against the Aussies.

If anyone deserved a farewell crack at the Aussies - it was him.

If only now they can get Steve Waugh to be there for his last test!

straight point said...

thats some strong m-worded post john...

but yes...he has divided cricket fans like never before and there was not middle path as far as ganguly goes...

kolkotta is in danger of turning to football completely now :(

John said...

Aren't Wriddhaman Saha and Manoj Tiwary lining up, SP?
But it's good if Calcutta turns to football. Indian football needs Calcutta. Indian cricket does not need Calcutta like it used to.

Gaurav Sethi said...

John, read this soon after it was posted but never got round to comment.

Say this, you sure tapped into all yr honesty man. Btw Prince did a song called "sexy motherfucker"

care for the lyrics?


Damith S. said...

Thats right John, he was exactly that kinda figure. I think it holds true for a lot of people when you talk about gunguly.

How bout a link exchange then

Poshin_david said...

You can hate him or be his no.1 fan but u can't ignore him.

Pay your tributes to the man who led the blues to the world cup finals by visiting my special posting on The Prince at,

I just saw your blog today and hopefully I'll be following it from now on. Hope to hear from you.

John said...

Hey Gaurav.. Am not much of a Prince fan, but why not? I'll give that a listen.

Sure Damith.

Welcome CPD.

Gaurav Sethi said...

John, guess you don't like any kinda princes.

John said...

Not true, Gaurav. Am a convenient Yuvraj fan, and I used to look forward to Ganguly's batting.

Khare said...

Ganguly has, over his colorful career, done the best and worst things from his generation of indian cricketers. A stylish batsman who never learned how to deal with the short stuff, an inspirational captain turned feudal lord, the king of comebacks and sulky comments, he was the good, the bad and the ugly all in one. But he taught indian cricket its most important lesson - dont be scared of losing if you want to win. Its a pity he seems to have retired out of a sense of persecution - or is it? A sulky goodbye seems to be in keeping with the Ganguly spirit - just hope it is accompanied by a memorable performance in the Australia series - showing the finger, as it were, at his detractors.