20 October 2008


24 - 5 - 86 - 1 - 3.58
14 - 0 - 61 - 1 - 4.35

Why is nobody talking about Lee's awesome loss of form? Is he carrying an injury? Is he over the hill?

Where is the next great Australian quickie?

Or is it only an Indian phenomenon to make sure that someone who has missed a footing falls down to never get up again?


Soulberry said...

Let's not be shy...I guess it's all right to talk about it.

I doubt if he'll be back on the next tour of India...so he has 4 innings left to make it count.

Khare said...

Its delightful to see lee being carted around like this given the ignonimities our quickies have had to suffer over the years... Venkatesh Prasad must be the happiest man in the indian camp.. also credit to him for the way the indian quicks have performed... did you see the one that got ponting?

Anonymous said...

Entire first session he didnt ball :)

Anonymous said...

After a great run which lasted over a year... Lee has taken the cycle of a poor form and his captain makes a big deal out of it... after all he has done. Somebody should questions what shit their captain had done for all the last 18 odd months.... pittance in comparison.

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