28 March 2008

Letter to Smith

Dear Grame Smith,

Either you don't know, or if you know, then shame on you. Either you know that Paul Harris is the feeblest of spinners who does not stand a chance against Virender Sehwag, and so you lowered him into the shallow end by asking him to bowl a restrictive, disgraceful line to him, in which case it is okay, but then now we know that you know that Harris is not very great. The other option then, is that you know that Harris is capable of the occasional special ball, but you were shittin your pants scared wondering how much he will leak if he came around the stumps and actually tried to GET A WICKET. In that case, shame on you, Graeme Smith for asking your lone spinner to come over the stumps first thing in the morning, in Chennai. Okay, it is a flat track, but you did have 500 runs to play with.


Spirit of Cricket Future.


straight point said...

...and he is still going around 4 per over...

i hope now you know why lots of ppl hate saffers??


XYZ said...


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Soulberry said...

I'd agree...Smith should have tried to attack with a spinner...for pacemen aren't going to work. Doesn't mater if he goes for runs as long as he picks up wickets.

At the moment, he's caught in nowhere land...the lead has been eroded and wickets are one in the bag....and V-bomb is ready to go off tomorrow again (provided he recovers well enough from the strain of the day).

John said...

It was shameful, Soulberry, to see a spinner being trated like that by his own captain. Ashley Giles was different - one might even argue that his negative line was a positive strategy, but such mitigation was not possible today.
Anyway, just desserts. :)

John said...

SP, I would consider it a bit unfair if people hated Indians because I had a negative approach to life. Cheers on Veeru.