24 March 2008

"To me, you're a waste of space!"

Harmison's smarting. Regardless of all the sense that he makes, and he does it with some style, someone should tell him that Boycott's doing what he is being paid to do, milking his celebrity for all it is worth. Maybe Harmison might want to try and do just that.


TM said...

What sort of a ridiculous comment is that - much like sledging, there is a line that divides the critical comment from the uncalled personal one and anyone who cant see that line is someone who should not be milking his celebrity status, much less getting paid for it.

Its telling when Harmison says that Boycott has a way of kicking people when they are down - like he said, that is the sign of an insecure man. People like Shastri, Healy et al milk their celebrity status for all its worth, but never do they cross that line of respect that must divide a former cricketer from a current one.

Shame on you Boycott

John said...

Shame on Boycott for sure. But Harmison's reaction would've been better, if he is able to wrest a spot in the squad and nail it down with performace. Clearly. I'm just stating the obvious.

The Atheist said...

To be honest, I don't know what the fuss is about.

Everything that Boycott said is true. His opinions are one that I share.

Moreover, this is international cricket, where the pressure is intense and the public scrutiny is constant.

Harmison has to learn to deal with these sorts of comments. He has been molly-coddled for far too long.

John said...

Thanks, Atheist. Point taken, but you'll agree that Boycott's being a bit of a bully, seeing what international cricket did to Tresco.

The Atheist said...

I don't see how saying something obvious and widely felt in the public arena about an individual in the limelight playing an internationally watched sport can be considered bullying.

It's a total over-reaction.

John said...

Is it a case of "It's not what he said, its the way he said it."?