27 March 2008

South Africans I like

South Africans have been taking more than their fair share of hard knocks from Aussie bloggers. There are a few that even I don't like, but here's a few that are in my list of favourite cricketers. There are more, but after today, who wants to give them more reasons to congragulate themselves?

All in the interests of cosmic balance.
  1. Jhonty Rhodes - self explanatory
  2. Alan Donald - self explanatory - used to love Tendulkar-Donald duels.
  3. Lance Klusener - for doing to cricket, what machine guns did to movies, revealing beauty through sustained ugliness, and not in an Ashwell Prince sort of way.
  4. Fanie DeViliers - I understood as a little kid watching him bowl at the likes of the horribly diffident Sujith Somasunder, the ultimate potential of the slower ball.

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