24 March 2008

Not quite a crab.

What were the odds on the new Sri Lankan left-hand opening batsman turning out to be a crab? The good news is, he doesn't look like one - none of that exaggerated back and across stuff of Ashwell Shivnaraine Katich. And 53 is not too bad a strike rate for a maiden Test ton, is it? Of course, Suleiman Jamaal Benn is not the most threatening of spinners, so I will reserve judgment, while noting an obvious ability to run the quick single and caress the cover drive.


Jrod said...

Correct spelling is Krab.

John said...

Only if we're talking of Katich. In Shiv's case, it
s spelt Chrab.

TM said...

Another Dilshan - no class, all grit. Vandort and whatever his name is have to be the ugliest opening pair in the world today (and for all who would suggest that they had a great opening stand, it was a pitch on which John would have fancied his chances).

More shit from Sri Lanka - more boring grinding cricket. Will Murali get 5 wickets or more in each inning and win them the match (ofcourse, there will be exceptional matches when another bowler will do his marvellous bit). Other than Sangakara and Jayawardane, there is no batsmen in that side who is world class - and a century against the West Indies is no longer a measure of one's batting talent.

Jrod said...

They could start a law firm, Krab and Chrab.