25 January 2008

Brett Lee is a stud

Saw some highlights of the action that happened today, before I woke up to find Bhajji and Kumble batting.

Tell you what, if you go to sleep dreaming of Tendulkar's triple ton, and you wake up to find Kumble and Bhajji managing to survuve at the crease, you start to think negative. How much worse could the day get?

But the Kaptan and his Crazy Spin Twin, with a little help from Ishant, did what I thought was impossible. If India lose from here, it will be because of inept second innings batting and horrendous umpiring.

Coming back to those highlights, I am convinced that there is no better bowler in the world than Lee. If bowling is about sustaining pressure till the batsman breaks, Lee is its premier exponent.


Anonymous said...

Lee is the best fast bowler in the current world... unfortunately most of the Australians do not seem to appreciate him as much as he deserves... they are mostly gung-ho on Tait.

Soulberry said...

I agree with you on that John..Lee's the best right now.

But by the way, you were sleeping on a friday? and that too at that hour?

Heck, I'm having to occupy my station today as well! R-day emergency requirements and all that cr@p...will miss today as well.

Soulberry said...

Brett lee has added all the dimensions he needs to bowl in any condition. And what a supremely fit athlete he is!