21 January 2008


I'm all for the BCCI's bold move where an ODI batting lineup will take shape under the tutelage of Gary Kirsten and Sachin Tendulkar, in harsh Aussie conditions.

But timing is a gift. Ganguly has it. The BCCI does not. I will be very interested in Dada's response at Adelaide.


Anonymous said...

the dogs never give up hunting do they? specially when they get a hint of blood? i thought this was coming ever since he made the duck in the last innings. sadly those suspicions seem right.

there are some who think that ganguly should act his pride by retiring gracefully right now when he is being branded as being unwanted, again. i don't think that is any response fit for a man like ganguly.

the question isn't how far will he have to go, the question is whether he has the constitution to weather this rough bit.

there are days a plenty left in ganguly. he probably knows that best. adelaide will tell us if he can go as far as he is needed to go to.

John said...

I have no problem with the selectors taking a bold view on the need for youth in the ODI squad. Let me quote Unc J Rod who makes one simple point:

"People may not be surprised to hear this, but I think axing Ganguly was the correct decision.

That is not based on form or the fact I don’t rate him, but more on his age and the fact all teams should be finding their line ups for the 2011 world cup.

Australia included, if Hayden, Gilly and Hogg can’t guarantee they will be available for selection in that tournament they should be axed too.

One day cricket is meaningless unless it’s a world cup.

It’s like the Olympics, no one cares who you beat the month before, just the fortnight when the advertisers spend millions."

Anonymous said...

"...all teams should be finding their line ups for the 2011 world cup..."

i understand the argument for looking forward to the 2011 world cup but using that as a reason to justify dropping ganguly is total nonsense..because by that argument half this present team should be dropped because they won't be playing for the 2011 world cup, tendulkar included..but we aren't doing that are we?..

and you're telling me that we in india are planning for the 2011 world cup at the beginning of 2008?..thats a little difficult to sell isn't it with bcci running the show isn't it?..

seems to me the argument slips in very conveniently with the current state of affairs...too conveniently perhaps..but then bcci hasn't been known for not being opportunistic whenever possible..

and if you really think that oneday cricket is meaningless except the the world cup, go tell that to the millions of cricket lovers/watchers/followers, you and me and uncle j rod included, who will keep track of nearly every series in the next three years..will uncle j rod not bother with any one day cricket in the intervening time to keep it all aside for the world cup?
probably not..

so yes, as regards the series following the test match, i think it is indeed a blunder to drop ganguly..but i shall start thinking more on the lines of bloody 2011..