05 January 2008

Hayden is a bully

Mathew Hayden refused to give an inch. Bhajji was bowling so well, had he been luckier the Aussies may have been bowled out with a fourth innings target not more than 200. That might still have proved a lot for the brittle Indian fourth inning batsmanship, but you have to give credit to Hayden, the habitual bully. Another batsman might have tried to bide his time and wait for the bowlers to make their mistakes, but that is why they are not Hayden, and Australia is the best side in the word. Hayden did not let Bhajji settle, and Bhajji is the kind of bowler who does not let up if he gets a prized top-order wicket. Thanks to calculated sweeping and reverse sweeping, Australia are on top and in a position to decide whether to dangle the carrot or not, despite India having one of their better days on the field. Sexy.

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Soulberry said...

Yes, that boy can bat well..