14 January 2008

My choice for Perth



Soulberry said...

That could be it, John, but I wish DK played instead of Dhoni and we might have fiddled with Jaffer for Harby then. I wish DK played anyway, at the moment.

John said...

I had to choose between Yuvraj and Sehwag, and I was swayed by your argument.

I think we need all the batsmen we can include, so I would not pick Bhajji over Jaffer in any case. As far as DK and Dhoni are concerned, it is quite even, but Karthik has the edge in terms of the technique required to counter bounce. Dhoni may be inferior in this respect, but the force with which Dhoni will whack a climbing ball at Perth will give us an edge in the lower half of the batting order.

straight point said...


that means we will be already 1 down even before that start of match...i dont know about you but i can not see how jaffer will turn the tide...he seems too lazy and could not last even on slow pitches...fond out by lee...its strange that he is not called lee bunny by now...

same with dhoni...the manner of all his dismissals (except last ones) were like he was beaten for pace...he just don't look confident enough to attach bowlers...coz he would have already done that had he was anyway near that...

so sehwag and dk for me for jaffer and dhoni...and pathan comes in for yuvi...

Anonymous said...

"Dhoni will whack a climbing ball at Perth" I beleive that once you get your eye in you dont have to use your power as the outfield is is fast.

John said...

Ott, I was referring to Dhoni's ability to clear the infield even with an edge.

SP, as far as Jaffer is concerned, I will only say that the Perth Test is not so important that we sacrifice our second best batsman of 2007. He has been getting out to good bowling, and it is about time we considered him a settled part of our batting lineup, so that he gains confidence. We should not treat him like Sehwag was treated, because a very good opening batsman loses confidence in the bargain. That species is rare.

Soulberry said...

How's it going guys?

Can't watch from work..Cricinfo is all I have.

John said...

Soulberry, it was an amazing days play. Lee was near unplayable on occasion, but Tait was ordinary but for a few balls. Johnson too would chip in with a few screamers now and then, but was not tight enough. Both Clark and Lee though, were amazing. India did well to end where it did though Laxman and Dravid gave it away.