25 January 2008

Getting Hayden

Right now, Haydos is sitting pretty and looks set to make a mountain of runs tomorrow. How India deals with hungry Hayden will be decisive in how the contest pans out.
The ball isn't swinging now and is unlikely to swing through the first session tomorrow. India will need to use intelligent defense as an attacking strategy. Hayden gets really restless when he is tied down, and invariably looks to manufacture shots. He gets away with it some of time, but if India are pig headed, they can win this mini-battle. Extremely tight bowling, protection of the square boundaries and curtailment of singles. This may mean taking a few slips out until the ball starts to reverse, but that looks like their only chance if he is going to survive the first five overs tomorrow.
If he starts walking down the track, Dhoni may need to stand up to the stumps for Pathan.


Anonymous said...

They could steal his box prior to the start of play.

That should dissuade him from batting out of his crease.

John said...

Or they could convince him that salvation requires absolute surrender before the Indian team

Soulberry said...

It isn't going to swing today either...the strongest breeze would be on day four in this stest match.

Hatden is playing a masterful knock for his team.

It is good India played five bowlers for RP is hamstrung!

King, I remember reading an article on Matt on your blog...I found it one of the best one's I have read...the box found good mention in it too! :)

Do you think that's the secret? The horcrux?

Anonymous said...

I think that particular box might have been the blue one within the post. It contained a little Hayden abuse.

This time I was on about the box that contains little Hayden.