16 January 2008

Didn't see no blood

That's it, it is settled then that only the Aussie media can compare with the Indian media when it comes to creating hype. After all that talk, I thought I'd see at least Jaffer taken to the hospital by the end of the day. On the contrary, both Jaffer and Sehwag did their job, but no more. Sehwag got out to a ball he need not have played (what's new) and Jaffer got out playing a shot that deserved criminal consequences as he was looking comfortable, using his height to get on top of the bounce. Both fell in quick succession, leaving Tendulkar and Dravid to counter a pumped up Lee and nagging Clarke in a period of play that was really exciting. Lee brought out his entire armoury and even had Dravid nick one to The Next Captain of the World who dropped it. Tendulkar had to work really really hard.

And it paid off in the second session with Tendulkar running a lot of singles and audaciously slicing a few over slips, while Dravid looked much more fluent than he has al series. Through all this, one wondered who let the hot air out of the Tait balloon, but it is early days yet to say anything. A few balls of his today deserved wickets, but the pace certainly did not match the hype. Tendulkar's dismissal was not the cleverest of umpiring decisions, getting hit above the knee roll at the WACA, but it evened out when Billy gave Dravid a reprieve after he was struck plumb in front by a Johnson yorker. Both Johnsons were on view today. Stunning inswinger was followed by short ball outside off, cut away, quite regularly.

Ganguly came and went. He need not have played that ball, but on another day that would have scorched the grass on the way to the fence, we should not be too critical, but he really must make better use of his good form. And after Laxman played a few brave strokes, both him and Dravid started treating Symonds and Clarke as if they were Kumble and Bhajji bowling on Day 5 at Chennai. Perhaps it was because of the impending new ball and the unwillingness to expose Dhoni and Pathan, but they only ended up getting out to rubbish shots. Dravid in particular. Played like Dravid, got out like Afridi. And Laxman, ended up looking very stupid when he misread the line on a bouncer. And then another searing spell from Lee which Dhoni and Pathan managed to keep out.

Brett Lee is the Dude of the Day.


Viswanathan said...
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Viswanathan said...

Excellent assessment.
I think Tendulkar's height creates the confusion. Since he is short even if he is hit on the knee roll and above or even if he jumps, they tend to conclude that ball was of the right height.
Tait seems ordinary, but have to wait and see. I am sure like Shoaib Akthar he will get good and warmed up to suddenly start chucking and getting a clutch of wickets.
Ideally we should have been 4 down. But luckily a decent total on board, now if Dhoni gets a fifty we should be around the 375- 400 range.

Soulberry said...

I saw plenty of it today, John. Honest...but at work though.

That's it, it is settled then that only the Aussie media can compare with the Indian media when it comes to creating hype

Disillusioning eh? I felt like a slightly pacier Bangalore if it hadn't been for the rains there, umm..maybe like Mohali.

I was disappointed.

This match is very much on still...Australia are still in the game and Harby will be missed in the fourth innings.

DK should have played and opened instead of Dhoni and Harby for Jaffer.

Kumbles showed this will be a mean wicket later and both Kumble and Harby like these kind of wickets.