28 March 2008

300, starring the V-Bomb

Dale Steyn recieved an education in Test cricket. Morne Morkel troubled him with bounce more not than often. Paul Harris was ineffective at best. Ntini did not play like someone with a bucketload of wickets - either too short or too full.

Of course, none of this really mattered because Virender Sehwag is a Chennai SuperKing (averaging over 150 at the venue now). With nine wickets still to go before SA can bat again, the V-Bomb has made sure India will not lose. If India can keep the run rate up tomorrow, there is no reason India cannot put pressure on South Africa on the last day.
A world record, at a TV screen near you?


Soulberry said...

Would ya believe it John?

The man for the big hundreds is Veeru for he creates the necessary time to score those runs and opens.

Indeed he is a bomb more dangerous than an H-bomb...this is V-bomb indeed!

The effect on the opponents is evident...Saffers had almost given up midway through the day, but not once did they sledge him nor did they forget to applaud his every milestone.

The Atheist said...

What is wrong with this bloke? Doesn't he understand that players aren't supposed to be like this?

Was he not paying attention at cricket school?

Jrod said...

Prepare for glory