15 May 2008


Three tests. That's how much Tim Ambrose has played.

Fourteen months. That's how much time is left before the Australians arrive.

Time, one would think, for the English media and fans to start howling for his blood. For the next fourteen months, Ambrose needs to keep justifying his spot in the side.

Geraint was not a good enough keeper. Read was not a good enough bat. And Prior was the recurring nightmare.

Ambrose needs to be extra-safe behind the stumps and needs at least one good outing with the bat. Something like his counterattack at Wellington will help.


Soulberry said...

It's a morbid fascination English keepers and fans share with each other.

John said...

The same way that Sweeney Todd shared a fascination for his customers?

Jrod said...

Oh he should go, he is rubbish.

16 byes.

And he caught half of them on his chest.

John said...

Thanks, JRod. Maybe we should give him the benefit of the light.

Soulberry said...

16 byes, John. Shall we prepare the stage for the stand-up comic English Keeper Caper?

Anonymous said...

maybe he is the long lost half-cousin of curtly ambrose who used to leave them between his legs.