05 May 2008

To Leader, With Admiration

Pollock is the man. The tournament, despite its format lending itslef to youth, has seen the oldies rule the roost. We have seen Mcgrath give his latest impression of Ice-Man, Warne that of Dumbledore and yesterday Pollock showed that he could be Mandela.

The comaprision may be stupid. But, Pollock showed that leaders can pull an entire side with them. He hit 33 runs in quick time. Then took crucial wickets. Brought on Dominic Thornley to pick Sehwag ( a rank long hop full toss admittedly) and clung on to the important catches.
But, the biggest contribution was to make people try their level best. Ashish Nehra diving across at long on to save a Dinesh Karthick shot. Somwhow, Pollock congratulating Nehra soon after the effort made it more special. A big cheer for Pollock and here is a wish that Mr Tendulkar finally plays a game.


John said...

You mean Padma Vibhusan Sachin Tendulkar.

TM said...

Yeah!! John is still alive and kicking on his blog!

Sajith said...

Yo. Welcome back John.